Product Example III Space Saving

Suntec foam has superb buffer performance, appropriate flexibility and elasticity, and extensive processability is a key commodity of Oizuru. This material, which can be said to be the elite of buffer materials, and power of imagination backed up by Oizuru’s experience are the cores of Oizuru’s work. A technique to immediately change the planar and compact shape for storage into a complicated buffer structure is one of them. Here, a corner pad and a product pad that can be folded when used are introduced. The compact shape for storage can be changed into a shape for use by simple work. To provide such changeable structure to foam, high flexibility and tear strength are required of the material. Suntec foam will not rupture even when stress is put on the portion that has changed in shape and can be transformed into a shape for use. This is an excellent characteristic of Suntec foam, which can save space when the foam is stored or is effective for providing the buffer material with versatility by allowing it to expand or contract.

Flodable corner pad

Foldable/stretchable product pad

Example of Products