Product Example I Returnable

Oizuru received a request from a major logistic company that is always ranked high in the 3PL field for changing one-way carton boxes, which are used to transport HD parts, into returnable boxes and, at the same time, employment of a washable structure that allows the boxes to be washed to remove dust and dirt collecting on the boxes as a result of repeated transportation. Oizuru proposed a combined structure that makes the partition of low polyethylene foam (Palonia) easy to attach and remove. A water discharge hole is created on the bottom of the partition, and the foam can be immediately dried after it is cleaned in a shower. On the assumption that the foam is used several hundred times, for example 200 times of repetitive use, the transportation material cost can be lowered 30%. This is an example that balances cost effectiveness and high workability.

Returnable partition for hard disc case
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