Low Polyethylene Foam (Paulownia)

Low foam resin sheet/board that is now attracting much attention as a new packaging material that follows the suit of corrugated cardboard and corrugated plastic. Its demand has been growing as highly durable material for securing heavy metal parts under severe conditions.
The ordinary type is a triple-foam type. It does not lose strength, even when it is used for the thin partitioning structure as shown in the figure, and can withstand repetitive use over a long time. A double-form type with increased strength is also available. It can be used with stability for transporting heavy parts or under severe conditions where high resistance to oil and water repellency are required.
Oizuru undertakes designing, processing, and production of exterior in as complicated a shape as shown in the figure, when it receives parts or products from customers.

parts sorting tray
Parts Sorting Tray
return partition
Returnable Partition

Example of Products