Product Example IV Reduction of Material Cost

Let’s turn our attention to punching dies that press products, instead of products. The photograph shows a Thomson punching die for automobile parts fixtures. This die needs many curved parts with different radii because it needs to fix several types of parts of different thicknesses. At first, Oizuru came up with the die shown in Figure A below. To enhance the material efficiency and reduce the cost, the complicated arch-shaped portions are placed very closely (portions enclosed by the dotted lines) and engage with each other to reduce a loss in the final draft Figure B below. Since Thomson blades for press come close to each other, advanced experience and design expertise are necessary. In this example, the material cost was reduced as much as 33% from the original idea. This is a case of advanced design that was made possible by existence of long-time trust relationship with a punching die producer.

Punching die for press working

Example of Products