Product Example II Maximizing Loading Quantity

The photograph shows a holder for automobile brake parts (calipers). The yellow holder shown in the lower left was used for past delivery and can hold four parts. Soon after delivery, Oizuru received a request from the customer that transportation efficiency be enhanced by increasing the number of parts that can be housed in the holder. Because three types of parts different in shape were packed, the structure of the holder had little extra space if it was determined based on the largest part (A). Making the portion that supports products as compact as possible to reduce wasteful space, however, a new holder that can hold six parts (top) was successfully created. Although this is an example of simple improvement, it is a big step forward in that the loading efficiency has enhanced 50%. Incidentally, this new holder is excellent in that it can hold six parts of the same shape and secure three different types of calipers. It can also increase the operation efficiency on the production line, killing two birds with one stone.

Fixing material for caliper
Maximizing Loading Quantity

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