In August 2002, Oizuru (Thailand) Co., Ltd., started its business operation in Thailand, which was about to exhibit remarkable development. As globalization of the industry is advancing throughout the world, Thailand holds an important position viewed from a global perspective. That importance will continue into the future. To supply products and services equivalent to those in Japan, Oizuru has solidified its foundation and aggressively expanded its business in Thailand.
Although the company has only been in existence a short time, its employees are devoted to their studies as they work to catch up and exceed Oizuru Japan. Oizuru Thailand is, in the good sense, competing with Oizuru Japan, but the underlying principle has taken root in Thailand and Japan. As in Japan, we will work hard to supply products and services of better value by taking advantage of the technology and expertise we have developed while fully understanding the requests of customers and gaining experience.
Oizuru, though it is a new company, will create history by endeavoring to put this basic principle into practice. For that purpose, employees will frequently visit customers, thoroughly confirm the site and actual product, and identify issues and problems. They will communicate with customers and address each issue so that they will be convinced. Oizuru will provide effective and innovative responses to customers by accurately understanding the situation and requests of customers. All employees are united in the goal of impressing and satisfying customers.
Oizuru will engage in business by making sincere efforts to gain the trust and confidence of customers and meet all expectations. The company believes that these efforts will result in support from customers and lead to continuous transactions. Oizuru will consistently maintain this universal philosophy.
Although the economy may fluctuate, Oizuru wishes to grow and develop with its customers. To this end, the company will hold its ground and incessantly continue to accept the challenge of supplying products and services of better value. All the employees of Oizuru will be united and do their best to make Oizuru a one-hundred-year company that is trusted and appreciated by customers.

Osamu Oizuru

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