Extensive knowledge that cannot be compared to the past is required of packaging design engineers today. They must have not only basic knowledge of material cost, durability, mass productivity, and buffer performance but innumerable knowledge of ease of disposal, recycling performance, ecology, and regulations on the content of products to be exported. Oizuru always verifies complicated issues of customers, starting from the design stage, based on the expertise it has cultivated in its native country, Japan, which boasts of top-level packaging technology comparable to that of the United States. This process is called a design review. Managers from the design, sales, production, and quality control departments get together and have discussions from their own viewpoints about the characteristics, cost-effectiveness, and mass productivity of materials used, as well as consideration to be given when products are packaged and shipped.
This is the reason for the different total power of Oizuru’s design when it bears fruit.

Design Workflow
Design Workflow 1
Design Workflow 2
Design Workflow 3

Even without a product sample, the above process can be simulated by receiving the CAD drawing of the product and using Asahi Kasei Chemical System's 3D simulation system PAOSS. Please contact us.

Example of Products