Backbone System

Our superiority is in producing complicated and final products by integrating simple processes of cutting, pressing, and thermal welding. This enables us to flexibly produce products of all types without requiring vast amounts of initial cost for molds and facilities and equipment. However, quality risks are always hiding behind manufacturing because humans intervene. To overcome this structural problem, Oizuru uses an evaluation system in which checkers crossing departments objectively check all processes of procurement, designing, experimental production, mass production, and shipment. First, a salesperson verifies all the requirements of a customer without omission by using the TRS (Technical Request Sheet). Based on this, the product to be designed is evaluated through hearings. Designers examine whether the result of the hearings has been appropriately reflected and the appropriateness of the process. Finally, production manager pays attention to minor defects on the drawings and packing style. Oizuru believes that quality can be spawned only through accumulation of these efforts.

Structure of internal backbone system
backbone system

Example of Products